Why Choose Zephyr Cove Adventures for Bike Rentals

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Biking is a popular sport in Tahoe, and there are a number of different bike shops you can go to. However, renting a bike from Zephyr Cove Adventures is unique because it is also a great place to start your ride. Right behind the shop there is a path that leads you in every direction, allowing you to explore a great deal of Tahoe. Just come prepared for the type of ride you want to take, and we can help you find where to go.


Biking to Round Hill Beach

Biking to Round Hill Beach from the shop is not a problem. There is an awesome trail that goes straight to the beach. It is about a mile and a half with some inclines. But remember, what comes up must come down.
This trail starts right in front of our store and heads North on US 50 until Elk Point Rd. At the light you will make a left towards Nevada Beach. Right before you reach the Catholic Church, there will be a path that starts on the left side. (You should see a crosswalk where the path starts).
 Take that path and follow it towards the beach, and turn right at the next crosswalk. From there you will continue on the path for about half a mile.
The path opens up into a three-way fork. Continue straight onto the path.
The path makes a distinct fork again: make sure to turn left here. This section of the path takes you right to Round Hill Pines Resort.


Biking to Zephyr Cove Beach

There are two ways to go to Zephyr Cove from the shop. One way will take you on Highway 50 the whole way, which is a faster route, but not as scenic.
The other route to Zephyr Cove is about 3 miles long. It starts by heading down Elk Point Rd towards Nevada Beach. Hop onto the bike path on the left side of the road where the first crosswalk is. It’s on the other side of the fence.
From here, follow the path across the next crosswalk and towards Round Hill Beach. Follow the same path all the way until the distinct fork in the road. Going right will take you to Round Hill Beach, but if you go left, it will take you back up to Highway 50.
Turn left towards North Lake. There is a bike lane to Zephyr Cove from this point.


Biking to Genoa Peak

If you’re looking for a good long ride that is also rather challenging, heading up to Genoa Peak from behind the shop is a great one. It is around 10 miles to the summit with a great deal of incline. However, when you reach the top, it is worth it.
The start of this route is behind our shop. There is a path that heads up the mountain towards Kingsbury. Follow this path until you get to the 207.
Once you get to the road, head east on the 207. Just up the road, there should be a left turn for Genoa Peak Road. Follow this all the way up to the top.
Another option is to take a left onto the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can ride your bike all the way to the Bench. The Bench is a beautiful spot on the Tahoe Rim Trail where you can stop for a picnic. It has a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Rim Trail also takes you to Castle Rock along the way.


Tahoe is a great place for biking, but remember to check out our safety tips before taking off on your ride (http://zephyrcoveadventures.com/lake-safety/ ). For instance, always leave prepared for your trip with plenty of water and food, and make sure you know where your destination is.

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