Season End Sale

It’s getting to the end of the season, and everything is on sale!


End of Season sale

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October 7th to October 10th

Everything in the store is 20% off for this weekend only! We have Hobie, Eddyline, Perception, and Wilderness System kayaks, as well as Amundson, Malibu, and Tahoe SUP paddleboards. We also have some Scott and Minnesota 2.2 bikes, and we have all kinds of paddle sport accessories.
And yes we still have bike rentals! Just give us a call at (775) 580-7905 for details or reservations!


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Hobie Kayaks

Choosing a Hobie Kayak

Hobie kayaks are built to last. Their rotomolded polyethylene constructed hulls allow them to withstand a lot more than your average kayak. Not only do Hobies last, they also have something for every type of kayaker.



Mirage Kayaks

Mirage kayaks are made to be easy to use and convenient for any multitasking kayaker.
The Mirage Drive is a pedal system built to make kayaking a hands free sport. This makes fishing and photography a lot easier on the kayaker.
The steering is built to make the kayak easier to maneuver. The handle is located right next to your left hand. The kayak has a twist and stow rudder and can be controlled with a t-shaped up and down control.
All newer Hobie Mirage kayak models are equipped with the Vantage CT seating. This new seat is adjustable in every way to maximize the kayakers comfort.


Mirage Sport

The Mirage Sport packs a lot of boat into a compact package. It is both comfortable and durable, with a focus on kick-back kayak adventures. It is great for anyone who needs a little extra room in their kayak without losing a great deal of their speed.


Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback has a legendary design with a time tested hull. Similarly to the Mirage Sport, it is packed full of fishing features but with a couple more feet in length for bigger kayakers.


Mirage Revolution 11

The Revolution 11 has a nimble design and impressive turning radius, allowing it to glide easily. This design is great for kayakers looking for something simple and capable for longer distances.


Mirage Revolution 13

The Mirage Revolution 13 has a quick and efficient design that is also stable without any slowdown. This has a little more room that the Revolution 11, allowing it to be a bit quicker in the water.


Mirage Revolution 16

The Mirage Revolution 16 is built for speed. Its sleek design is low on drag but big on speed. Longer than both the Revolution 11 and 13, it will easily outrun other Hobies.


Mirage Outfitter

The Mirage Outfitter is a tandem kayak built for stability. Smooth, stable, and built for two, this kayak is designed for fun.

Mirage Oasis

The Mirage Oasis is a sleek and spacious tandem kayak that is faster and easier to maneuver. This tandem is designed to be great for longer adventures.


Other Mirage Boats

The Proangler series is one to check out for those serious fishermen who need a kayak that will give them the most out of their fishing experience. These boats are capable of paddling, pedaling, sailing, or even motoring across the water. Sitting or standing is never a question in these boats.
The Island series is great for anyone looking for a versatile sailing kayak that is fun for the whole group. They can be sailed, pedaled, or paddled, depending on preference and weather.
The Inflatable series is awesome for those who travel a lot but don’t have the room for a kayak. The have all the features of a Mirage kayak with the added portability.


Paddle Kayaks

Hobie has a great deal of paddle kayaks that are comfortable, quick, and durable. The paddle kayaks are also made up of rotomolded polyethylene.


The Lanai is a light-weight, sporty little paddle kayak that is easy to carry.

Quest 11

The Quest 11 is a classic cruising paddle kayak that is everything you need for a simple paddling trip.

Quest 13

The Quest 13 is great for touring and exploring, and it is also equipped with extra features for fisherman.


The Kona is a great smaller tandem that is both stable and comfortable. This tandem is also small enough to be paddled solo.


The Odyssey is a larger tandem that can fit both parents and a child or dog in the middle. It is a great kayak for the whole group.


Tahoe Activities

What’s Fun in Tahoe

Finding activities in Tahoe is never a difficult thing to do. However, each part of Tahoe provides it’s own type of fun.


Sand Harbor Rentals


We have the brands you want to paddle. Our rentals & demo selection includes: Hobie, Werner, Wilderness Systems, Tahoe SUP, Perception, Riviera, NSP and much more.

Sand Harbor is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tahoe, and if you’re visiting, it is a must see. This beach is in a protected cove that keeps the waves down to a minimum and makes it ideal for paddlesports.

Kayaking tours

Sand Harbor Rentals offers some amazing kayaking tours that really give you a unique look at Lake Tahoe. From this location, you can book a sunset kayaking tour or a Sand Harbor kayaking tour to experience Tahoe in a whole new way.
This location offers kayaking lessons and paddleboard lessons.


Located right on the beach, Sand Harbor Rentals is a great choice for kayak and paddleboard rentals. Also, if you’re interested in buying a kayak, they offer some demos.


Tahoe City Kayak

Tahoe City is a cute little town in North Tahoe, where most things are within walking distance, which makes this place a great place to visit while you’re in Tahoe.

Kayaking tours

Tahoe City Kayak is located right in the middle of Tahoe City, making it ideal for kayak tours. Some of the tours here include the Full Moon Kayak tour and the Historic West Shore Kayak tour.
This location offers kayaking lessons and paddleboard lessons.


This store also has a beach-side location for kayak and paddleboard rentals, and the store offers demos for most kayaks in stock.


Zephyr Cove Adventures

We have the brands you want to paddle. Our rentals & demo selection includes: Hobie, Werner, Wilderness Systems, Tahoe SUP, Perception, Riviera, NSP and much more.

We have the brands you want to paddle. Our rentals & demo selection includes: Hobie, Werner, Wilderness Systems, Tahoe SUP, Perception, Riviera, NSP and much more.

Zephyr Cove is a popular beach location in South Tahoe, and this side of Tahoe has a lot to offer when it comes to fun. There is always something for everyone, whether its the beach or the mountains.


Zephyr Cove Adventures offers bike rentals and standup paddleboarding rentals. This location has a great deal to offer when it comes to biking and paddling. Whether it is water or land that you prefer. Multiple bike routes surround the store, leading to some of the best sites in Tahoe, and within 3 miles of the store, Nevada Beach, Round Hill Beach, and Zephyr Cove Beach are great for paddleboarding. Come into the store, and you can get help finding a location that fits the type of trip you’re looking for.


Lake Tahoe Water Trail

Experienced kayakers must check out the kayaking trip around the lake. Plan an awesome 72-mile trip around the lake, and with some help from, see what Tahoe has to offer.

Biking Near Us

Why Choose Zephyr Cove Adventures for Bike Rentals

Fat Tire Bike

Biking is a popular sport in Tahoe, and there are a number of different bike shops you can go to. However, renting a bike from Zephyr Cove Adventures is unique because it is also a great place to start your ride. Right behind the shop there is a path that leads you in every direction, allowing you to explore a great deal of Tahoe. Just come prepared for the type of ride you want to take, and we can help you find where to go.


Biking to Round Hill Beach

Biking to Round Hill Beach from the shop is not a problem. There is an awesome trail that goes straight to the beach. It is about a mile and a half with some inclines. But remember, what comes up must come down.
This trail starts right in front of our store and heads North on US 50 until Elk Point Rd. At the light you will make a left towards Nevada Beach. Right before you reach the Catholic Church, there will be a path that starts on the left side. (You should see a crosswalk where the path starts).
 Take that path and follow it towards the beach, and turn right at the next crosswalk. From there you will continue on the path for about half a mile.
The path opens up into a three-way fork. Continue straight onto the path.
The path makes a distinct fork again: make sure to turn left here. This section of the path takes you right to Round Hill Pines Resort.


Biking to Zephyr Cove Beach

There are two ways to go to Zephyr Cove from the shop. One way will take you on Highway 50 the whole way, which is a faster route, but not as scenic.
The other route to Zephyr Cove is about 3 miles long. It starts by heading down Elk Point Rd towards Nevada Beach. Hop onto the bike path on the left side of the road where the first crosswalk is. It’s on the other side of the fence.
From here, follow the path across the next crosswalk and towards Round Hill Beach. Follow the same path all the way until the distinct fork in the road. Going right will take you to Round Hill Beach, but if you go left, it will take you back up to Highway 50.
Turn left towards North Lake. There is a bike lane to Zephyr Cove from this point.


Biking to Genoa Peak

If you’re looking for a good long ride that is also rather challenging, heading up to Genoa Peak from behind the shop is a great one. It is around 10 miles to the summit with a great deal of incline. However, when you reach the top, it is worth it.
The start of this route is behind our shop. There is a path that heads up the mountain towards Kingsbury. Follow this path until you get to the 207.
Once you get to the road, head east on the 207. Just up the road, there should be a left turn for Genoa Peak Road. Follow this all the way up to the top.
Another option is to take a left onto the Tahoe Rim Trail. You can ride your bike all the way to the Bench. The Bench is a beautiful spot on the Tahoe Rim Trail where you can stop for a picnic. It has a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Rim Trail also takes you to Castle Rock along the way.


Tahoe is a great place for biking, but remember to check out our safety tips before taking off on your ride ( ). For instance, always leave prepared for your trip with plenty of water and food, and make sure you know where your destination is.

Flume Trail

Flume Trail Biking

Flume trail

Photo taken from

Mountain biking is spectacular in Tahoe. The Lake offers a view that is both unique and breathtaking. However, the Flume Trail is a bike trail that sticks out among all of Tahoe’s trails. While riding on this trail, you can enjoy some of the best views in Tahoe. However, this is not a trail for anyone afraid of heights.
The Flume Trail is a moderate one way ride for about 14 miles and climbs about 1100 feet in elevation. While most of the trail is relatively flat, the first four and a half miles, you climb 1000 feet in elevation.
The Flume Trail shuttle drops off at the Spooner Lake Trail head. From here, the trail will take you to the shepherd’s hut and up into the Carson Range following east Tahoe.
The half mile past Snow Valley is the tough part of the trail, where you will climb 1100’ in elevation. However, it’s a nice relief to know you won’t have to climb up the switchbacks on the face of Snow Valley Peak. This half mile ends with a nice spot to take a break before a short descent in Marlette Lake. After a mile and a half along the shoreline, the Flume Trail starts and you can enjoy a nice flat ride.
The Flume Trail is about 1600’ above the lake and at times only half a mile from the shoreline. Be sure to bring a camera and a picnic. And most importantly, make sure you enjoy the amazing view from this trail.
The end of this trail is a small descent into a parking lot where a shuttle to the start of the trail can be taken back to your car.
Another option is to start near Flume Trail Bikes and go down Tunnel Creak Road to the Flume Trail. Then, head up hill to Marlette Lake, take the loop around the shoreline to Hobart Road. This will take you to the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail will take you up Marlette Peak, down to Twin Lakes, and eventually back to Tunnel Creek Road to your car.


Preparing for the Ride

Bike rentals at Zephyr Cove Adventures are only $45 for the whole day. You can take your bike to the trail head and end at Flume Trail Bikes, where they offer a shuttle back to the parking lot at Spooner Lake Trail head. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water. This ride should take most of the day to complete and be able to enjoy it.

Lake Safety

Safety first!

Safety isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you visit Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place that can take anyone’s breath away. However, you should always plan ahead for a trip out in its crystal blue water. In the summer, the water temperature rarely reaches as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and those temperatures are usually around the end of the summer. Also, the weather isn’t always predictable, so be sure to prepare for your trip properly. Here are some safety tips to know before going out on the lake:


1. Dress for Success

A. Properly Fitting PFD (Personal Floating Device)
B. Clothing – Wear clothing that dries quickly (non-cotton)
C. Sun Protection, such as a hat, sunscreen, or other protective clothing – Lake Tahoe reflects sunlight, & UV is stronger at elevation

Tahoe is cold, and full cold water immersion should be avoided as best as possible.


2. Weather and Navigation

A. Wind and Waves –Lake Tahoe is often windy and wavy from as early as 11am to as late as 6pm. Plan on being within view(less than a mile) of your final destination during this (or any windy) time.*Head south and stay close to shore! – The wind usually blows from the Southwest at Lake Tahoe, so heading towards South Lake along the West shore keeps you in calmer water and puts the wind at your back on the way home.
B. Paddling Speed and Distance – Most paddlers average 2.5 miles per hour. Lake Tahoe is 12 miles across (4 ½ hours of paddling), so DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE LAKE.
C. Set a Turnaround Time
D. Visual Cues – Look at the shore and remember landmarks to guide you home.

The weather in Tahoe can change in an instant, so be sure to go prepared.


3. Safety on the Water

A. You Are Harder to See in a Small Boat – Don’t wait for large power boats to see and avoid you. Take evasive maneuvers to be sure you are seen and give power boaters plenty of room. Wear bright clothing.
B. Rules of the Road Apply – When heading straight for another watercraft, the preferred method of passing each other is to move your boat slightly to the right, and pass with the left (“port”) side of your boat facing the left side of the other boat.
C. Don’t Cut People Off – No matter how fast you think you can go, when your path of travel is about to cross with another boat, it is best to slow down and let the other boat pass by.
D. Look for, and Avoid Obstacles – Submerged rocks, other boaters, and floating logs can be present, so pay attention to these obstacles and avoid them.
E. Non-Swimmers – We discourage non-swimmers from engaging in paddle sports. If you choose to do so, you should operate your watercraft in water that is shallow enough for you to stand up in.
F. Getting on/off a Paddleboard – Make sure water is at least knee-deep when getting on and off your board. The fin protrudes almost a foot beneath the board, and hooking your fin on the bottom of the lake can cause expensive damage to your board and/or your body.
G. Paddleboards are Fragile! – Be careful not to ram your paddleboard into rocks or other obstacles because fiberglass cracks easily and can cause the board to take on water.


4. Stay Hydrated! – Bring along clean drinking water and food, especially if you will be paddling for more than an hour.

A. It is easy to forget how dehydrated you are when you are in/on the water. Be sure to pay attention to how much water you are drinking because dehydration can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful.


Check out some safe boating tips from California’s Department of Boating and Waterways at:

Tahoe Fishing

MackinawPhotoFishing in Tahoe is a popular sport year around. Whether you’re on a large boat or kayak fishing, you can find yourself catching fish weighing between 2 to 30 lbs. The bag limit is five trout per day—only two being Mackinaw. Make sure you check out the regulations for fishing in Lake Tahoe at .


Lake Trout (Mackinaw)

Open year around, most prominent fish found in Tahoe

This trout can be distinguished by the deeply forked tail. The color is changes from light gray, green, brown, to an almost black with whitish to pink spots on the back and sides. The color is never bright though.


Rainbow Trout

Open year around

The Rainbow Trout has a rounded body with a comparatively short head. The top jaw reaches to just beyond the eye, and the mouth has a white lining. The sides and underside are a silvery color with a red stripe that appears during spawning.


Brown Trout

Open year around

The Brown Trout has lighter pigment rings that form halos around the reddish-orange spots on the back and sides of body. The back of the tongue is toothless, and the top jaw reaches to the back portion of the eye. This trout is yellowish-brown to brown with many spots on the top of the head, cheeks, back, and fins with yellowish-brown sides and a yellow to white underside.


Kokanee Salmon

Open July through October

This salmon is a dwarf, landlocked form of a sockeye. They have silvery sides, a brilliant steel-blue to bluish-green back, no distinct black spots, and they change to a red color during spawning.



Choosing Your Vessel

Kayak fishing is a growing sport, and in Tahoe, it is a great way to catch a trophy. Kayaking is a bit stealthier than a larger boat, and it can be completely hands free if you find the right one. Hobie offers a great kayak for any anglers looking to find a hands free boat. The Mirage Outback is the most popular model for a single kayak in Hobie’s line of fishing kayaks. It is equipped with multiple hatches and compartments, making fishing easier. The MirageDrive system is a pedal system that allows you to move quickly, but maintain your stealth, while holding onto your rod. The fins move in a side to side motion that mimics a fish swimming. Overall, what makes the Outback stick out more than any other kayak is its stability and storage for fishing on a boat that can be easily transported by one person.

Adventure Island

Why the Mirage Adventure Island


When you’re out on the water, you want to make the best out of the experience. Hobie offers a great deal of options that allow you to do just that.

The Mirage Adventure Island is a versatile boat that can change with your needs. Whether it’s keeping up with the wind in a sail boat, doing some hands free pedaling with the MirageDrive pedal system, or doing some old fashioned paddle kayaking, the Island can do it all.

The Adventure Island is capable of being both a kayak and a sail boat.

It comes with two retractable amas that make this boat as stable as it gets, a roller-furling sail rig that makes it boom-less, and a daggerboard that keeps the boat from flipping. (It can also carry more than just one passenger with the optional trampolines.) Detach the akas, amas, and crossbars, the sail boat becomes a great touring kayak. With Hobie’s patented MirageDrive system and Hobie paddles, it moves just like any other Hobie kayak.

Along with all of its versatility, the Mirage Adventure Island also has enough storage to make a multi-day adventure. There are three hatches for storage as well as a rear cargo area and mesh pockets on the sides. The Vantage CT seating adjusts in all directions to accommodate for longer adventures and for your breaks on the beach.

The Adventure Island also has a tandem twin, so you can bring along more friends. The Tandem Island has all the same features plus extra hatches and seating.You can’t beat the versatility and convenience of the Mirage Adventure Series.

Check out how sailing and kayaking just got even better by demoing a model at Sand Harbor Rentals or Tahoe City Kayak before getting one of your own at Zephyr Cove Adventures. Reserve it ahead of time by calling: (530) 581-4336

Where to Kayak

Deciding where to bring your kayak can be pretty easy. Tahoe is a great place for any level of kayaker to take a trip. With no major currents or large predatory animals, there isn’t much to take away from the experience.

Lake Tahoe is all about its sites. With its beautiful mountains and crystal clear water, what better way is there to experience it all than to go kayaking?



South Shore

Camp Richardson-Cascade

Camp Richardson provides a great place to stay with easy access to the water. Take a nice kayaking trip to Emerald Bay or just a quick trip along the shoreline.

Timber Cove

Timber Cove is a great location for beginners. The area is shallow with little exposure to wind and waves. It’s also secluded, but convenient for kayakers.

Baldwin-Emerald Bay

Baldwin-Emerald Bay is the best place to kayak into Emerald Bay and the closest input to one of the most beautiful areas in Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay’s name comes from its emerald colored waters, and its reputation comes from the beauty and unique features of the bay. It is definitely a popular kayaking destination and a must-see.


West Shore

Bliss State Park and Rubicon Point

If you are a serious kayaker, consider a southern route to Emerald Bay from this location with an undeveloped shoreline that creates a wonderful view for the trip. Also, intermediate kayakers would enjoy a northern route towards Meeks Bay for a great trip with a little more chill to their ride than the southern route.

Meeks Bay

If you’re looking for a longer ride, heading south from here will take you to Emerald Bay. If you’re thinking of a shorter ride, you can take the northern route along the shoreline of Sugar Pine Point State Park.


East Shore

Sand Harbor

Sand harbor is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tahoe and a must see on your visit. The water is warmer, and the visibility reaches to about 70 feet. You can rent kayaks right on the beach and take a trip south to see a number of different secluded beaches. Sand Harbor offers some truly amazing kayak tours if you prefer to be shown around by someone who knows the area well.

Cave Rock Area

Cave Rock is a convenient boat launch in South Lake Tahoe that is less crowded. From here, the northern route provides a view of some beautiful estates, as well as a mostly undeveloped shoreline. The southern route also provides a beautiful view of the southern shoreline.


North Shore

Tahoe State Recreation Area

Tahoe State Recreation Area is one of just a couple great places to kayak in the northern part of the lake. To the south, you can see some beautiful homes along private shorelines. To the north, you can ride along some beautiful public and private beaches.

Kings Beach Recreation Area

Kings Beach is a great place to kayak around. This area gives you access to some beautiful surrounding bays that are a must see when in North Tahoe.

Pick Your SUP

Picking out the right SUP is important in making sure you get the best out of your experience. SUPs are made in different shapes and sizes according to your choice of discipline: Surfing, touring, and racing. The volume, width, length, thickness, and curve of the board are all important aspects that will help you enjoy your time out in the water.




This board is designed for speed and accurate turns, while being able to cut through the water pretty well. Ten feet is about the maximum length for a surfing SUP. This board is also much rockier than touring and racing boards because of the top curve. And lastly, it is important to know that the fins are much different on these boards in order to help with high-speed turns.



Touring is the most common way to use SUPs. These boards are usually a bit longer and narrower in order to cut through the water, allowing them to make longer distances. They are also usually a lot flatter on top than surfing SUPs in order to maintain stability. While these boards weren’t meant for speed, they do maintain their speed well once the board starts going. Their pointed tips create a displacement hull that allows them to cut through the water better.


Specific Features to Keep in Mind

The longer, narrower boards with pointed tips are great for speed and long distances. They are great for cutting through the water.
The rounded tips and flatter boards are better for flat water and all-around paddling. They are best for plowing through the water.
The wider and higher volume boards allow for the best stability and maximum weight capacity.
Inflatables are best for those who travel and don’t have the ability to carry a larger board.
Inflatables are thicker and ride higher on the water, so speed is a bit more difficult. However, they are still used for surfing and racing.