Tahoe Bike Trails

Lake Tahoe has an abundance of bike trails with all kinds of sites to see, and thankfully Lake Tahoe Bike Coalition has provided us with a map of these trails available at http://www.tahoebike.org/where-to-ride/bike-map/ . This map outlines all the best routes to take in both South Tahoe and North Tahoe, along with some of the best sites to see.


Bike from Zephyr Cove Adventures

Signature Rides

Biking is a great way to get around Lake Tahoe, and there are all kinds of bike trails to explore for any type of rider: recreation loops, sport adventure, and moderate loops. Recreation loops are perfect for families biking to parks and beaches. Just behind our store is a 2.4 mile recreation trail that leads down to Nevada Beach. Sport adventure trails are perfect for cyclists who don’t like to stick to designated paths when biking. Fallen Leaf Lake is a great area for these types of trails. Moderate loops use bike lanes and unmarked neighborhood connector streets to ride around town. Pioneer trail is a great example of one of these types of trails.


Points of Interest

This map shows all kinds of interesting places to take your bike, but there are 9 points of interest you must consider.

Heavenly Gondola, Stateline

There is a bike lane that leads right up to the Gondola, with Lake Parkway, Lakeshore Boulevard, and Pioneer trail all leading up to this point of interest.


Bijou Community Park

Al Tahoe Boulevard has a bike path that loops around this park. At this park you can enjoy a skateboard park, a disc golf course, a dog park, volleyball and basketball courts, and even food concessions.


South Lake Tahoe Parks and Recreation

Rufus Allen Boulevard has both a bike path and bike lane section that leads to this great recreational area. This area has an ice rink, swimming pool, children’s playground, and basketball courts.


Tallac Historic Site, Camp Richardson

Tahoe Mountain Road is a great sport adventure trail that leads right up to this area. Camp Richardson is a popular camp site because of how close it is to Kiva Beach and Pope Beach. Both areas can be accessed by surrounding bike paths.


Taylor Creek Stream Profile Chamber

Fallen Leaf Lake Trail and a recreation loop bike path along HW 89 lead to this beautiful area. There is little to no shoulder along HW 89, so make sure to be cautious if you decide to take this route.


Fallen Leaf Lake

Cathedral Road, Fallen Leaf Lake Road, and Tahoe Mountain Road are sport adventure trails that lead to this beautiful point of interest. This lake offers some great recreational activities, such as swimming, hiking, fishing, and many different watersports.


Vikingsholm Castle, Emerald Bay

This point of interest has some climbing along HW 89. However, this is a popular area and a must see when visiting Tahoe. This 38-room mansion is one of the best and most beautiful examples of Scandinavian architecture in the western hemisphere.


Kahle Community Center

A bike path along Elk Point Road can take you to this great location, as well as North Benjamin Road. However, North Benjamin Road is a climb as you head towards Daggett Summit. This is a great place for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as air hockey, foosball, video games, and a great park outside to hang out in.


Keep Tahoe Blue Environmental Education Center and Store

This area is an easy one to get to with roads and paths leading to it from every direction. Right off Lake Tahoe Boulevard, this center is a great place to truly learn what it means to Keep Tahoe Blue, and it is an important must see when visiting Lake Tahoe.


Remember to stop by Zephyr Cove Adventures to rent a bike, so you don’t miss out on these awesome trails.

Finding a Boat that FITs You

Before buying your boat, you need to know what kind of boat would fit you best. However, that can be a hard decision even for the most experienced boaters. Outlined here are some things to think about when shopping for a boat. It’s important to know how to reduce your options and get rid of any bias by basing your decision on your needs.


F. I. T.

For you: size, skills, aggressiveness, carrying convenience, pocket book, foot size, injuries, balance

Do you have any injuries, such as surgeries, knee, back, etc.?
Are you an aggressive learner? Fearful of water? Or a swimmer?
What is your foot size? Thigh size? And most importantly for comfort, body size?
What kind of carrying weight is most comfortable?
What level of boater are you or what kind of learner are you? Would you rather learn as you go with an upgrade or learn now then upgrade later?


Intended Purpose: what is the purpose for the boat?

Are you looking for speed in order to keep up with other boats?
Do you plan to use it for camping? Do you need extra gear space?
Are you paddling with kids or pets?
Are you fishing or using it for fitness?
Do you plan to be boating all season or just in fair weather?


Type of Water—Consider safety, comfort, and durability

Is there a big trip in mind?
Do you plan to be racing?
What type of durability do you need?
Will you be in open water, cold water, rivers, or in the ocean?


FIT is a great way to guide you to a boat that fits you by allowing you to really think about what you want in a boat. It is your boat, so it should be exactly what you want it to be.

Dog Beaches

There’s no better way to enjoy Tahoe than going to the beach. However, it can be difficult leaving behind your dog. While dogs are not allowed in designated swimming beaches such as Nevada, Pope, Baldwin, Meeks Bay, and William Kent Beaches, there are still some options out there that include both you and your pup. The US Forest Service has recommended some areas for your fur baby to enjoy the beach with you: the Tallac Historic Site from Valhalla Pier to Tallac Point (where the Lake of the Sky Trail meets the lakefront) in South Lake Tahoe, North Beach at Zephyr Cove Resort, Hidden and Chimney Beaches on the east shore, Coon Street Beach in Kings Beach, Ski Beach in Incline Village (from October to April only), and Echo Lakes. Here is an outline of some of the best places to bring your pup based on people’s reviews and experiences.


South Lake

Kiva Beach

Hwy 89, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 543-2600
This beach is a small secluded area with free parking. While this beach is not off-leash, it is still a great place to bring your furry little friend for some fun in the sun. It has a great view and a nice sandy beach. Just remember to BYO doggie bags.

 Zephyr Cove

760 U.S. Hwy 50, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
(775) 589-4906
This beach is one of Tahoe’s hot spots for a day in the sun. Be sure to head to the East side if you want to bring your fur baby with you. It can get crowded on the weekends so head up early if you want parking. This location has both free and paid parking ($35 per vehicle).

North Lake

Chimney Beach, Secret Cove, Hidden Beach

Along Highway 28, about 2.5 miles from Sand Harbor
These beaches are popular hot spots for young adults and their pups. It’s about a mile hike down to the beach, but be aware of the lack of clothing on one side of this beach. Dogs are both off and on leash here, and you must BYO doggie bags. There are two free parking lots for this beach, one on each side of the highway. All three are accessed the same way.

Skylandia State Park and Beach

Lake Forest Rd, Tahoe City, CA 96145
(530) 583-3796
Before bringing your pup to this beach, make sure you know which parts are dog friendly. Since pets are only permitted in some areas of the Park, it’s important to be careful to stay in the right ones. The view from this area is what draws people here every summer. It’s a great place for a picnic and swimming. However, parking is limited so make sure to keep that in mind when planning your day at the Park.

Patton Landing

5002 North Lake Blvd.
Carnelian Bay, CA 96140
A great place to bring you’re furry little friend because this beach is one of the best dog beaches Tahoe has to offer. The swimming is great, and your dog is sure to get his exercise in. It has a few food places and some rentals nearby to add to the fun. However, this is a pebbly beach with few trees, so come prepared.

Coon Beach

Kings Beach, CA 96143
(530) 546-421
Coon Beach is a sandy beach that is close to King’s Beach, but the beach does not allow dogs on that section. Coon Beach offers a rocky spot for your dog to run around and swim. However, it is not as friendly to you, so come prepared. The water is shallow due to the number of rocks, but it is still one of the most dog friendly beaches on the north side.

Jean and Hubby picking up their brand new Hobie Eclipse 12'!

Hobie’s Mirage Eclipse 12′

Jean with new Eclipse

On an early June day our friend Jean passed by our Tahoe City Kayak store location to demo/rent the new Hobie Eclipse 12′. She was so pumped with the Hobie Eclipse she decided she was taking one home. Jean and hubby picking up their new toy at Zephyr Cove Adventures.

This board is a stand up paddle board with a little more character. This board works like an elliptical on the water, but better. Hobie’s patented MirageDrive system and a rudder for steering drives this awesome paddleboard. So instead of paddling, you can pedal your way around on this board while using the handle-levers to turn. This is a great workout and a fun way to get around the water. It is like no other paddle board you have been on. So head over to Tahoe City Kayak to demo this board and see for yourself just how much fun this board can be.







Welcome to Our Store

We are excited to be South Lake Tahoe’s newest bike and paddleboard store.

We have been one of the country’s top sellers of Hobie Mirage Kayaks for over a decade, and this new store (Zephyr Cove Adventures) is our latest project to bring our top quality customer service to more of Lake Tahoe.    Hobie’s pedal paddle kayaks have been wildly popular among kayak fishermen (and women) and kayak photographers around the world.  Their “mirage” pedal system propels you hands-free across the water at nearly double the speed of a traditional paddle kayak.   The mirage fins also make a huge increase in kayak stability and resistance to weather-cocking (getting blown sideways by the wind).    The new upgrades for 2015 include more powerful fins and one of the most comfortable kayak seats on the market.

We are also pleased to be the first Lake Tahoe dealer for Framed Fat Bikes.    Fat bikes are one of the hottest new trends in biking.   Their super fat tires create a cushy ride and provide excellent grip and float on sandy and snowy surfaces (ie.  much of Lake Tahoe’s trails and beaches).   We are excited about the Framed bikes, in particular, because they are one of the first companies to offer a fat bike with good components and trail-oriented geometry at a price that’s similar to other (non-fat) bikes with similar components.  Because of the fat bike craze/newness, most brands are charging much, much more for their fat bikes than you’d pay for a bike of similar geometry and components with normal rims/tires.   Framed is leading the charge for good priced, high-quality fat bikes.   If you try one of our rental bikes from Framed and decide to buy one, we’ll credit your day’s rental off the price of the new bike.

These first few months are going to be an experiment in finding out what you, our customers, want out of an outdoor store in Zephyr Cove.   Please share your thoughts with us so that we can become better at making all your Zephyr Cove Adventures a reality.



Brands that we’ll be carrying (to start with):

Scott Bikes, Framed Bikes, Hobie Kayaks, Hobie Paddleboards, Bic Paddleboards, Oru Kayaks, Eddyline Kayaks, Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Reef Sandals, Dakine Outerwear, NRS (Northwest River Supplies) Outerwear and Accessories.


We are still working out our preliminary plans for the store this Winter.   We plan on offering snowshoe rentals, cross country ski rentals, fat bike rentals and (possibly) a sporting goods consignment store.    Please share with us what you’d like to see in our store for the Winter of 2015/16.