Flume Trail Biking

Flume trail

Photo taken from http://flumetrailtahoe.com/trail-info/

Mountain biking is spectacular in Tahoe. The Lake offers a view that is both unique and breathtaking. However, the Flume Trail is a bike trail that sticks out among all of Tahoe’s trails. While riding on this trail, you can enjoy some of the best views in Tahoe. However, this is not a trail for anyone afraid of heights.
The Flume Trail is a moderate one way ride for about 14 miles and climbs about 1100 feet in elevation. While most of the trail is relatively flat, the first four and a half miles, you climb 1000 feet in elevation.
The Flume Trail shuttle drops off at the Spooner Lake Trail head. From here, the trail will take you to the shepherd’s hut and up into the Carson Range following east Tahoe.
The half mile past Snow Valley is the tough part of the trail, where you will climb 1100’ in elevation. However, it’s a nice relief to know you won’t have to climb up the switchbacks on the face of Snow Valley Peak. This half mile ends with a nice spot to take a break before a short descent in Marlette Lake. After a mile and a half along the shoreline, the Flume Trail starts and you can enjoy a nice flat ride.
The Flume Trail is about 1600’ above the lake and at times only half a mile from the shoreline. Be sure to bring a camera and a picnic. And most importantly, make sure you enjoy the amazing view from this trail.
The end of this trail is a small descent into a parking lot where a shuttle to the start of the trail can be taken back to your car.
Another option is to start near Flume Trail Bikes and go down Tunnel Creak Road to the Flume Trail. Then, head up hill to Marlette Lake, take the loop around the shoreline to Hobart Road. This will take you to the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Tahoe Rim Trail will take you up Marlette Peak, down to Twin Lakes, and eventually back to Tunnel Creek Road to your car.


Preparing for the Ride

Bike rentals at Zephyr Cove Adventures are only $45 for the whole day. You can take your bike to the trail head and end at Flume Trail Bikes, where they offer a shuttle back to the parking lot at Spooner Lake Trail head. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water. This ride should take most of the day to complete and be able to enjoy it.

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