Choosing a Hobie Kayak

Hobie kayaks are built to last. Their rotomolded polyethylene constructed hulls allow them to withstand a lot more than your average kayak. Not only do Hobies last, they also have something for every type of kayaker.



Mirage Kayaks

Mirage kayaks are made to be easy to use and convenient for any multitasking kayaker.
The Mirage Drive is a pedal system built to make kayaking a hands free sport. This makes fishing and photography a lot easier on the kayaker.
The steering is built to make the kayak easier to maneuver. The handle is located right next to your left hand. The kayak has a twist and stow rudder and can be controlled with a t-shaped up and down control.
All newer Hobie Mirage kayak models are equipped with the Vantage CT seating. This new seat is adjustable in every way to maximize the kayakers comfort.


Mirage Sport

The Mirage Sport packs a lot of boat into a compact package. It is both comfortable and durable, with a focus on kick-back kayak adventures. It is great for anyone who needs a little extra room in their kayak without losing a great deal of their speed.


Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback has a legendary design with a time tested hull. Similarly to the Mirage Sport, it is packed full of fishing features but with a couple more feet in length for bigger kayakers.


Mirage Revolution 11

The Revolution 11 has a nimble design and impressive turning radius, allowing it to glide easily. This design is great for kayakers looking for something simple and capable for longer distances.


Mirage Revolution 13

The Mirage Revolution 13 has a quick and efficient design that is also stable without any slowdown. This has a little more room that the Revolution 11, allowing it to be a bit quicker in the water.


Mirage Revolution 16

The Mirage Revolution 16 is built for speed. Its sleek design is low on drag but big on speed. Longer than both the Revolution 11 and 13, it will easily outrun other Hobies.


Mirage Outfitter

The Mirage Outfitter is a tandem kayak built for stability. Smooth, stable, and built for two, this kayak is designed for fun.

Mirage Oasis

The Mirage Oasis is a sleek and spacious tandem kayak that is faster and easier to maneuver. This tandem is designed to be great for longer adventures.


Other Mirage Boats

The Proangler series is one to check out for those serious fishermen who need a kayak that will give them the most out of their fishing experience. These boats are capable of paddling, pedaling, sailing, or even motoring across the water. Sitting or standing is never a question in these boats.
The Island series is great for anyone looking for a versatile sailing kayak that is fun for the whole group. They can be sailed, pedaled, or paddled, depending on preference and weather.
The Inflatable series is awesome for those who travel a lot but don’t have the room for a kayak. The have all the features of a Mirage kayak with the added portability.


Paddle Kayaks

Hobie has a great deal of paddle kayaks that are comfortable, quick, and durable. The paddle kayaks are also made up of rotomolded polyethylene.


The Lanai is a light-weight, sporty little paddle kayak that is easy to carry.

Quest 11

The Quest 11 is a classic cruising paddle kayak that is everything you need for a simple paddling trip.

Quest 13

The Quest 13 is great for touring and exploring, and it is also equipped with extra features for fisherman.


The Kona is a great smaller tandem that is both stable and comfortable. This tandem is also small enough to be paddled solo.


The Odyssey is a larger tandem that can fit both parents and a child or dog in the middle. It is a great kayak for the whole group.


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