MackinawPhotoFishing in Tahoe is a popular sport year around. Whether you’re on a large boat or kayak fishing, you can find yourself catching fish weighing between 2 to 30 lbs. The bag limit is five trout per day—only two being Mackinaw. Make sure you check out the regulations for fishing in Lake Tahoe at .


Lake Trout (Mackinaw)

Open year around, most prominent fish found in Tahoe

This trout can be distinguished by the deeply forked tail. The color is changes from light gray, green, brown, to an almost black with whitish to pink spots on the back and sides. The color is never bright though.


Rainbow Trout

Open year around

The Rainbow Trout has a rounded body with a comparatively short head. The top jaw reaches to just beyond the eye, and the mouth has a white lining. The sides and underside are a silvery color with a red stripe that appears during spawning.


Brown Trout

Open year around

The Brown Trout has lighter pigment rings that form halos around the reddish-orange spots on the back and sides of body. The back of the tongue is toothless, and the top jaw reaches to the back portion of the eye. This trout is yellowish-brown to brown with many spots on the top of the head, cheeks, back, and fins with yellowish-brown sides and a yellow to white underside.


Kokanee Salmon

Open July through October

This salmon is a dwarf, landlocked form of a sockeye. They have silvery sides, a brilliant steel-blue to bluish-green back, no distinct black spots, and they change to a red color during spawning.



Choosing Your Vessel

Kayak fishing is a growing sport, and in Tahoe, it is a great way to catch a trophy. Kayaking is a bit stealthier than a larger boat, and it can be completely hands free if you find the right one. Hobie offers a great kayak for any anglers looking to find a hands free boat. The Mirage Outback is the most popular model for a single kayak in Hobie’s line of fishing kayaks. It is equipped with multiple hatches and compartments, making fishing easier. The MirageDrive system is a pedal system that allows you to move quickly, but maintain your stealth, while holding onto your rod. The fins move in a side to side motion that mimics a fish swimming. Overall, what makes the Outback stick out more than any other kayak is its stability and storage for fishing on a boat that can be easily transported by one person.

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