Deciding where to bring your kayak can be pretty easy. Tahoe is a great place for any level of kayaker to take a trip. With no major currents or large predatory animals, there isn’t much to take away from the experience.

Lake Tahoe is all about its sites. With its beautiful mountains and crystal clear water, what better way is there to experience it all than to go kayaking?



South Shore

Camp Richardson-Cascade

Camp Richardson provides a great place to stay with easy access to the water. Take a nice kayaking trip to Emerald Bay or just a quick trip along the shoreline.

Timber Cove

Timber Cove is a great location for beginners. The area is shallow with little exposure to wind and waves. It’s also secluded, but convenient for kayakers.

Baldwin-Emerald Bay

Baldwin-Emerald Bay is the best place to kayak into Emerald Bay and the closest input to one of the most beautiful areas in Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay’s name comes from its emerald colored waters, and its reputation comes from the beauty and unique features of the bay. It is definitely a popular kayaking destination and a must-see.


West Shore

Bliss State Park and Rubicon Point

If you are a serious kayaker, consider a southern route to Emerald Bay from this location with an undeveloped shoreline that creates a wonderful view for the trip. Also, intermediate kayakers would enjoy a northern route towards Meeks Bay for a great trip with a little more chill to their ride than the southern route.

Meeks Bay

If you’re looking for a longer ride, heading south from here will take you to Emerald Bay. If you’re thinking of a shorter ride, you can take the northern route along the shoreline of Sugar Pine Point State Park.


East Shore

Sand Harbor

Sand harbor is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tahoe and a must see on your visit. The water is warmer, and the visibility reaches to about 70 feet. You can rent kayaks right on the beach and take a trip south to see a number of different secluded beaches. Sand Harbor offers some truly amazing kayak tours if you prefer to be shown around by someone who knows the area well.

Cave Rock Area

Cave Rock is a convenient boat launch in South Lake Tahoe that is less crowded. From here, the northern route provides a view of some beautiful estates, as well as a mostly undeveloped shoreline. The southern route also provides a beautiful view of the southern shoreline.


North Shore

Tahoe State Recreation Area

Tahoe State Recreation Area is one of just a couple great places to kayak in the northern part of the lake. To the south, you can see some beautiful homes along private shorelines. To the north, you can ride along some beautiful public and private beaches.

Kings Beach Recreation Area

Kings Beach is a great place to kayak around. This area gives you access to some beautiful surrounding bays that are a must see when in North Tahoe.

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